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Tree Dedications - Frequently Asked Questions
  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about EFORESTS tree dedications and our other services:

What does the tree dedication certificate look like?

You can view a sample HERE.

Where will my tree(s) be planted?

We plant trees throughout the UK in virtually every county. You can see the map of our planting locations by clicking on the link below.

EFORESTS Woodland Locations

However, depending on space limitations at certain sites, we can't guarantee a specific location will be available. We will always do our best to plant your tree(s) in your chosen region though. Should we be unable to plant your tree(s) in your chosen region, we will plant them in the nearest available region.

When will my tree be planted?

We only plant trees from November to March as this is when the trees are dormant, yet their roots are still growing. This means that the trees will be able to establish themselves in the ground before the start of the spring / summer growing season. By planting in these "dormant" months, it means that the trees will have a better chance of survival through their first dry, summer period.

As we only plant from November to March, and we generally plant 100s / 1000s of trees at any one time, you tree(s) will not necessarily be planted when you place your order on our website.

Also, depending on the region where you have chosen to have your tree(s) planted, we may allocate you a tree that has already been planted or that will be planted in the next planting season.

For example, if you were to order a tree in August, we may allocate you a tree that was planted in a previous planting season or one that is to be planted in the forthcoming planting season.

An additional benefit of having a tree that was planted a few months ago is that you / your recipient has a larger tree than usual. In their first summer, the saplings can often double in height. So, you're getting a larger tree for the same money.

Can I be present when the tree is planted?

Normally, because we plant 100s or 1000s of trees at any given woodland during a planting day, it's not possible to arrange individual planting sessions for each tree.

Very occasionally, however, it may be possible for you to be present at one of our planting days. This would only be possible if the nature reserve / woodland owner agrees to this and if you are available on the planting dates chosen by the woodland managers / owners.

Can I visit my dedicated trees and woodland areas?


Everyone is welcome to visit our woodlands as we only plant trees on publicly accessible land.

All we ask is that any visitors respect these natural surroundings and don't leave anything behind in the woodland (ashes , flowers, plaques, ribbons, litter, etc.).

Some of the woodlands may have access restrictions at certain times or visitors may need to make an appointment with the landowner prior to visiting.

Please check the MY TREE page to find full details of where your tree is planted and if there are any restrictions on visiting a particular woodland.

How accessible are the woodlands? Can wheelchair users visit them, for example?

The access to each woodland varies. Some may have paths through them, concrete public footpaths running close by or be in relatively difficult to access areas such as steep hillsides.

Please check the MY TREE page to find full details of where your tree is planted and if there are any restrictions on visiting a particular woodland. We include links to Google Maps for each woodland and we recommend taking a look at them (ideally using the satellite / street view option on Google Maps) prior to your visit.

We want you to enjoy your visit to the woodland where your tree has been planted but, as with any natural habitat, please use common sense when visiting.

If there's been torrential rain for the days prior to your visit, please wear appropriate footwear and use caution when visiting the woodland. Woodlands are often muddy places so we don't advise wheelchair users visiting the sites after heavy rain.

All of the woodlands are owned and managed by either the local community, farmers, nature reserve managers or private landowners - not eForests.

Please be aware that many of the woodlands could have maintenance work happening in them throughout the year. While the owners / managers do their utmost to keep the woodlands accessible and safe, neither the woodland owners nor eForests will be held responsible for any accidents in the woodlands.

Which tree is mine? Will my tree be easy to identify? Will there be a plaque or label on my tree?

In order to keep the woodlands as natural as possible we do not mark the trees in any way so, though you can visit the wood, you can not identify individually dedicated trees.

Each tree that is dedicated should be seen as a contribution to a woodland.

We also ask that anyone visiting the woodlands to respect their natural surroundings and not mark the trees in any way or place any labels / plaques / flowers near the trees.

Please check the MY TREE page to find full details, including directions, photos and a description of the area where your tree is planted.

What sort of maintenance is done on the trees? Who looks after them?

We don't just plant trees and leave them to fend for themselves.

We only plant trees with nature reserves / community woodlands who are just as keen as us and you for the trees to survive and live to maturity.

Hundreds of volunteers, working with the nature reserves / community woodlands, help look after the trees at the sites across the UK.

On sites with rabbits, voles or deer we plant the trees in protective shelters to improve the chances of each tree's survival.

We check in with each woodland annually to make sure the trees are doing well and we add recent photos of the woodland, to show how it's thriving, to our website.

The first few years are the most critical to a tree's survival and any damaged / dying trees are replaced for free within the first 5 years.

If you visit one of the woodlands in the spring / summer, and you spot any trees that look damaged or are dying, please take photos of them and email the info to us at CONTACT@EFORESTS.CO.UK

We'll make sure that the damaged / dying trees are replaced in the next planting season (November to March each year).

Can I spread the ashes of a loved one in the woodlands?

Sadly, we're unable to allow this as the woodlands are not used purely for memorial reasons. They are often nature reserves or community woodlands and we ask that any visitors respect these natural surroundings and don't leave anything behind in the woodland (ashes, flowers, plaques, ribbons, litter, etc.).

How big are the trees that are planted?

Typically the trees we plant are small saplings between 1ft - 2ft (30 - 60cm) tall, depending on the species of tree.

What species of tree do you plant?

We only plant UK native tree species such as Oak, Ash, Rowan, Hazel, Silver Birch, Scots Pine, etc. We do not plant fruit trees (except Wild Cherry, Wild Pear, Wild Plum, etc)

Can I request a certain species of tree to be planted?

Yes, simply put this in the "Additional Comments" section at the bottom of the TREE DEDICATION FORM.

Because of varying soil conditions, etc. at each nature reserve / woodland we can't guarantee that we will be able to plant an exact species. However, we will do our very best to plant the species of tree you want if at all possible.

How long will it take for me / my recipient to receive the Tree Dedication Certificate?

Electronic Certificates are normally emailed to you / the recipient within a few minutes of an order being placed.

Paper certificates are normally posted the same day that an order is placed and usually arrive within 3 - 5 days. We also send out an e-certificate to the purchaser by email (normally within a few minutes of their order).

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