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Oak Tree Gift
Oak tree gift
A tree with beautiful leaves and acorns

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The English Oak (Quercus robur) is one of the best known trees in the UK. It's a majestic, deciduous tree with beautiful leaves and acorns and it is a symbol of strength and endurance.

It can reach a height of 20+ metres (65+ feet).

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What's in the box?

Your tree gift will be approx. 20 - 80cm tall. It comes packaged in a jute drawstring bag, with a gift card containing your personal message and a tree planting guide to show you how to give your tree a healthy start to its life.

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The English Oak (Quercus robur) is one of the best known trees in the UK. It's a majestic deciduous tree and is a symbol of strength and endurance.

Oaks can live for hundreds of years, their trunks growing to 15 metres (50 feet) around.

The oak is a large, long-Iived, deciduous tree found across most of lowland Britain.

In Britain oak trees provide support, shelter and food to more different living things that any other tree. From mosses, fungi and lichens to wasps, butterflies, squirrels and birds.


Oaks are broad-crowned with many, large branches growing upward from the same point.

Oak trees may live for a thousand years and trunks in excess of 4 metres in diameter (over 38 feet round) are known, with the majority of trees reaching a height of 50 - 70 feet (15m to 21m) tall.

The leaves have 3 - 5 deep, uneven lobes on each side.

The bark is grey with knobbly ridges.

The flowers, male catkins and female spikes, are only about 1 inch (2.5cm) long and pale green.

The fruit, the acorn, is a nut surrounded at the base by a cup-like covering. One to several acorns are borne on a slender stalk.

The common oak is a pioneer tree, and its seedlings invade open grassland rather than shady forests


Oak timber is legendary for its strength and appearance. Once used for ship and boat building, oak is now mainly used to make furniture and panelling. However, it has numerous other uses too.

Leather - the bark of some species also yields dye and tannins, which are used in the leather industry.

Food & Drink - in pre-Classical Greece, acorns formed part of the staple diet of the human population. Many Native American tribes still roast and grind acorns for use in bread or to make a beverage. Acorns were also made into ersatz coffee in many European countries during the two world wars.

Natural Healing - common oak bark, which is strongly astringent because of its tannin content, has been traditionally taken in a tea to combat diarrhea and dysentry, and also used externally to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds and eczema.

DISCLAMER : Any uses for trees or tree extracts. whether edible or medicinal, have not been tried or tested by EFORESTS.CO.UK so please take caution and seek proper advice before attempting any recipes or medicinal extracts from any of the trees listed on our site.

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