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Hawthorn Tree Gift
Hawthorn tree gift
A tree with an abundance of white flowers in May

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The Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is also known as the "May tree" as it flowers in the month of May.

Our Hawthorn tree gift is the perfect present for anyone with a birthday in May. It's also a great gift for a 5th (wood) wedding anniversary. Read more ...

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Your tree gift will be approx. 20 - 80cm tall. It comes packaged in a jute drawstring bag, with a gift card containing your personal message and a tree planting guide to show you how to give your tree a healthy start to its life.

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Common Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is also known as Quickthorn or the May Tree.

Its name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "hagathorn" which means "hedge thorn" and it is often used as hedgerow plant.


It produces an abundance of white flowers in May which yield small red fruits by late summer / autumn. The fruit is very popular with birds.

Hawthorn leaves are dark green and shiny, with 3, 5 or 7 lobes.

t's pale brown or grey bark cracks into knobbly, oblong plates.

awthorn is a native tree and thrives on most soils, including heavy ones. It makes a splendid garden tree and is a popular choice in wildlife gardens.

It typically reaches a height of 8 - 15 metres (26 - 50 feet).


Hawthorn timber is cream / brown in colour, with a fine grain and it's very hard. It was used to make veneers and cabinets, as well as boxes, tool handles and boat parts. It's also good for firewood and charcoal.

Young hawthorn leaves, flower buds and young flowers are all edible. They can be added to green salads.

The developing flower buds are especially good. Known as "haws" they can be eaten raw but might cause a bit of mild stomach upset. They are normally used to make jellies, ketchups and even wine.

Mythology and symbolism

In Britain, it used to be thought that bringing hawthorn blossom into a house would be followed by illness and death. In Medieval Britain people said that hawthorn blossom smelled like the Great Plague.

It turns out that hawthorn blossom contains the chemical trimethylamine - which is one of the first chemicals formed in decaying animal tissue. Therefore it's not a surprise that hawthorn flowers are associated with death.

In Gaelic folklore, hawthorn (in Scottish Gaelic, "Sgitheach" and in Irish, "sceach") apparently 'marks the entrance to the otherworld' and is strongly associated with fairies.

The folklorist Bob Curran questioned whether the ill luck of the De Lorean Motor Company was associated with the destruction of a fairy thorn to make way for a production facility!

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