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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
To calculate your annual Carbon Footprint simply complete the fields below and click on the Calculate button. Your carbon offsetting options will then appear at the bottom of the page.

AT HOMECarbon Emissions
How much electricity do you use per year? kWh0 kg
How much gas do you use per year? kWh0 kg
How much LPG do you use per year? Litres0 kg
How much coal do you use per year? Tonnes0 kg
Your HOME Footprint :0.00 Tonnes CO2

TRAVELCarbon Emissions
How far do you drive per year? 0 kg
Car Type:

How far do you travel by bus/train per year? 0 kg
How far do you fly per year?... 0 kg
Or just add your flights below to automatically calculate your carbon emissions.

Your TRAVEL Footprint :0.00 Tonnes CO2

Your TOTAL Footprint :0.00 Tonnes CO2

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