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Whether you want to send a tree by post, plant a tree for a special occasion or as a corporate gift, we can help.

We also offer a carbon offsetting service to help you reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

Tree gifts delivered to your door

Have a tree delivered to your door or have a tree gift posted to a friend to celebrate a special occasion. Send a tree gift as a birthday present, to celebrate a wedding, the birth of a new baby or for any special occasion.

The tree will last so much longer than flowers and you can choose from a variety native UK species including Ash, Oak and Scots Pine.

For more information and to buy a tree gift today, please visit our TREE SHOP

Tree planting for individuals and companies

We plant trees around the UK in community woodlands, nature reserves, community farms and urban areas.

You can dedicate trees to someone to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or as a memorial. Or why not plant trees as a corporate gifts for your clients or employees?

The trees can be planted in one of dozens of locations around the UK. For more information, please CLICK HERE

Want to find a tree that you have dedicated to someone or that they have dedicated to you? Simply use our TREE FINDER

Carbon Offsetting

Every day in the UK each of us contributes to climate change through our daily activities - whether it's driving, working, watching TV, shopping or taking a holiday. Almost everything we do will affect our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Your Carbon Footprint represents the amount of CO2 you produce each year. The lower your Carbon Footprint, the smaller your contribution to Climate Change.

EFORESTS can help you reduce your carbon footprint to combat climate change and save you money too!

Whether you are an individual who wants to reduce/offset your carbon footprint or an organisation that wants to save money by reducing carbon emissions whilst improving your corporate social responsibility strategy then EFORESTS can help you.

Calculate your CO2 emissions and your Carbon Footprint Reduce your CO2 emissions and your Carbon Footprint Offset your Carbon Footprint to become Carbon Neutral
Tree gifts delivered to your door, Tree Planting, Carbon Offsetting and much more